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Matthew Roy

Game Programmer, Co-Founder of MilkShed Games


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Short Giraffe

Short Giraffe is an absurd 2.5D platformer where you play as a short, secret agent giraffe, with a robotic, extendable neck. During the development of Short Giraffe, I was responsible for creating the neck mechanics, which I explain in this presentation.

Made for Senior Capstone/Senior Production, fall 2018/spring 2019 semesters by Cup O’ Joe Studios LLC. Follow us on Twitter.

Short Giraffe General Gameplay and Meerkats Short Giraffe Flashy Gameplay

RV Punch

Download RV Punch here on

Made for Production 2, spring 2018 semester by MilkShed Games. Follow MilkShed Games on Twitter.

RV Punch is a racing game where RV’s are equipped with giant mech fists. Punch your opponents to hinder them or punch off of walls to reach new speeds and heights.

RV Punch Trailer Gif

View the full trailer here

Kid Icarus: Infinite Underworld

Download Kid Icarus: Infinite Underworld here on

An infinitely generating vertical 2D platformer with randomly spawning enemies and random items to buy in shops. Kid Icarus: Infinite Underworld is a fan game based on Nintendo’s Kid Icarus series.

Infinite Underworld Gameplay Escaping the Orne


Panic was made for Advanced Seminar in Game Programming while studying abroad in Montreal.

Panic is a 2D, top-down strategy game with horror elements. The player moves around on a grid avoiding enemies and collecting keys to escape each level. Getting seen by an enemy causes the player to enter Panic Mode. In Panic Mode, the player is freed from the constraints of the grid while enemy AI also changes.

Panic Gif

Download this game on Game Jolt

Opportunity Knocks

Opportunity Knocks is a game made for the Global Game Jam 2018 with the theme of “transmission”.

Opportunity Knocks has the player controlling a Mars rover remotely from a computer, but the connection is terrible! Use the boost button to increase the framerate but keep an eye on how much power is remaining or else it’s game over. The game is played with the num pad where the 3 left and 3 rights buttons control the wheels.

Opportunity Knocks Gif

Download this game on the Global Game Jam site

Recreating the first dungeon from The Legend of Zelda

Made as a final project in “Game Architecture” in C++.

Created with Nicholas Robbins, we roughly recreated the first dungeon from Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda. The project uses a code base we wrote throughout the semester, Allegro 5, and various game programming patterns like Game Loop and a Component System.

Zelda Gif

Battle Beetles

A summer project, this game is a work in progress.

Battle Beetles aims to capture the sort of over the top scenarios you’d think up as a kid while playing with toys. Battle Beetles is a 3D arena fighter where mechanical beetles use their horns, antennae, and more to come out on top.

Battle Beetles Gif